I have released a mixtape of material from my New York beat era. Recorded in early 2010 in Brooklyn NY, the twelve songs on Illuminations 2010 were the result of directing my sound both toward trip-hop and toward industrial.

This mixtape is dedicated to the memory of Phil Schneider (1947-1996). Learn more about Phil’s story in the PHILIP SCHNEIDER - UNDERGROUND ALIEN BASES video.

The Illuminations 2010 mixtape is available on a donation basis at the Sun Hammer Bandcamp.

The debut EP from Yung100 is out now on Ounce Records! All songs written, performed and produced by Andrew Weathers and Sun Hammer, with help from Squadda B of Main Attraktions, Scott “Tenacity” Martin, Alex Koplin, Mike Jedlicka and Intricate Dialect.

Only a month after sharing my second remix collection, I’m happy to release this EP of new music. Both songs are exercises in MIDI generation techniques, which are further explored in the remix by my friend Guy Birkin. The EP is available pay-what-you-want for a limited time at Bandcamp, after which it will be released with its two companion singles on the 7-song compilation Underscore Slash Vertical Bar.


"The oddball, rarely-used keyboard key title of this EP should give you Autechre/Aphex Twin fans an idea of what’s in store with its three tracks. The jitterbugging beats and slushy electronics that Sun Hammer trucks feel positively life-giving, sort of like Ed Harris breathing liquid in The Abyss. Just heavy enough to feel strange upon your first inhalation, but then it becomes so much easier to let sink into the bronchi." - Robert Ham

I am pleased to share a collection of remixes done 2011-2013 of friends old and new. Please download for free and listen with undivided attention. Of course, please also support the artists involved.

In 2014 I plan to bring back my San Lucifer project, first with a reissue of the 2007 album, San Lucifer II, to be followed by a full-length of new material. This project is an exercise in excessive sample-pillaging and detail-obsessive reconstruction; all of the music is created out of samples from hip-hop songs, mostly from the 1990s.

Top 5 rap jams of 2013

5. Earl Sweatshirt “Chum”

I like Odd Future alright; they’ve made some serious jams but most of their music doesn’t really do it for me. “Chum” is a really standout track, and it was here that I started to see the comparison to Nas really being justified. 

4. Kanye West “Bound 2”

Yeezus has a lot of great jams - “I’m In It” and “Send It Up” in particular were both very high in the play counts - but as far as a track embodying what Kanye does in a really straightforward way, “Bound 2” is it.

3. A$AP Rocky ft Gunplay & A$AP Ferg “Ghetto Symphony”

I got really into A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg’s albums this year. Pretty much all of what they do got me excited to be a lover of rap music in way that I haven’t felt for awhile. They killed it on “Shabba” and both have some great lyricism on their albums, but the Gunplay collab takes it for me. Ferocious beat, ill-ass lyrics, and awesome Outkast reference makes this one a total banger.

2. Drake ft 2 Chainz & Big Sean “All Me”

Like many of the tracks on Nothing Was The Same, the beat on this deluxe edition bonus track is just incredible. Big Sean and especially 2 Chainz have spit a lot of cringe-worthy to mediocre lyrics in their time but here all three shine, especially 2 Chainz whose line about “my dick so hard it made the metal detector go off” demands multiple rewinds.

1. The-Dream ft Pusha T & Big Sean “Pussy”

While the album as a whole was certainly a disappointment, IV Play had a few moments of greatness, including this amazing jam. This track is everything I want in an R&B track with featured rap vocalists, and something that was on many occasions playing on repeat for days. Big Sean drops one of his best verses ever, at one point comparing a pussy to a work by Michelangelo. And the chorus, “Got my left hand on that booty, got my right hand on that pussy”… I mean, come on. JAM OF THE YEAR.

My full set from Closer Music Festival, Portland OR.

A snippet of my show at Slabtown, Portland OR, 07/09/2013. Tracks: Sun Hammer - Bbeb / Moon Zero - Shadow Den (Sun Hammer Remix) / Sun Hammer - Purplenoise / Laurel Halo - Carcass (Sun Hammer Remix) / Sun Hammer - Saturation $1

(Source: youtube.com)

This weekend I’ll be performing as part of the Closer Music Festival in Portland, debuting an all-new live set.

This weekend I’ll be performing as part of the Closer Music Festival in Portland, debuting an all-new live set.

I am proud to announce my remix of Moon Zero's “Shadow Den” has been released on his “Tombs Remixes” EP, now available on Futuresequence.